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How Long For New Caches To Be Reviewed


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I hid two new caches and logged them Saturday. They are still not approved yet, as summer and weekend together, means the volunteers most likely are out and about as well. So have patience, they will be approved soon. Remember, most new caches are hidden on weekends and most volunteers are doing the family thing on weekends. Makes for a busy Monday and Tuesday.

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Physical cache locations are NOT checked by reviewers prior to publication. That would be a full time job!


If your reviewer had a busy weekend, he or she will use Monday and Tuesday to catch up. I found a 10 stage multi and a 9 stage multi, plus five traditional caches, over the weekend. Whew!

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I don't think that I waited very long for any of myne. But I am sure it will happen some day.. A good hint to follow when posting new caches: Make sure you be extreemly thero when posting it. Under the "NOTES TO REVIEWER" Put everything pertenent. If its a simple Traditional, Tell them who you got permission from. (local Police Dept., DNR, etc..) That seems to help out on the publishing.

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Does it usually take the full 72 hours for a cache to be reviewed and authorized? I just hid my first one and I'm anxiously awaiting it. It's been two and a half days. What takes so long? (not that I'm complaining... I'm just curious)




You're in Canada, so don't forget the exchange rate. The Canadian hour is 53 American minutes. :P

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Edited becuase I'm just being impatient.


I remember how anxiously I waited for my first cache to be published. I must have checked the page for reviewer notes every fifteen minutes!


ROFL!! Oh totally!


Today it got approved though! I'm so excited! My first cache was a bit dinky, so I'm hoping to set up a really nice one for my second. I have seen a few good ones so I know what I'm doing now.


Not that the one I hid was bad. I should probably go back and hide it a bit better though. It's a nice easy one for beginners. LOL

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I may have the record on this. I have a cache that took a full three weeks to get approved. It seems that my reviewer thought that s/he was permitted to have a 'real life' and actually ran off on an extended vacation to the wild west. I will admit to being a bit neurotic wondering why the cache was not approved.

Oh, well. Believe it or not, reviewers are actually human beings, and some even have 'lives' outside of geocaching! (That may be a bit hard to believe, but it does happen!) The shortest time to publication, for me, was less than a day.

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quick question. for a multi it says to add all the cords of all stages.. i did and now i'm wondering if the reviewer has an advantage? do most reviewers not cache? also the cords are on the page that i can see.. i suppose that the reviewer will delete the post with all the cords.. corrrect? or should i go delete them now!

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quick question. for a multi it says to add all the cords of all stages.. i did and now i'm wondering if the reviewer has an advantage? do most reviewers not cache? also the cords are on the page that i can see.. i suppose that the reviewer will delete the post with all the cords.. corrrect? or should i go delete them now!

Not a quick question at all. Let me break it down:


1. Any information contained in a "note to reviewer" is deleted automagically when the cache is published.

2. Put the coordinates for the other stages of your multicache on your page as hidden Additional Waypoints -- NOT just in a reviewer note. The instructions are out of date. To learn how to use the Additional Waypoints feature, see the last post in the pinned FAQ thread at the top of this forum.

3. Reviewers do not use non-public information to their advantage when seeking out caches as a player.

4. Reviewers do not attempt to be "First to Find" on multicaches and puzzle caches that they reviewed, until allowing a fair period of time, like a week or so, for others to score the FTF.

5. Often, reviewers will ask another volunteer to handle the review of a puzzle or multicache in their home territory, to avoid spoiling the surprise of figuring it out as a finder.

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Hello again Wxguesser,


I looked at your cache and you successfully recorded the locations of stages 2 and 3 of your multicache, using the Additional Waypoints feature. Thanks for that; this will expedite the review.


I noticed that you left a note saying you were still working on your cache. Hopefully this is because you noticed that stages 2 and 3 are both too close to an existing cache. The distances are 413 and 288 feet, whereas the minimum separation under the "Cache Saturation" guideline is 528 feet. This is one of the reasons why the reviewers need to know all the locations of a multicache or puzzle cache.


Since the title of this thread is "How long for new caches to be reviewed," I will take this opportunity to note that multicaches and puzzle caches often take longer to get published, because of the extra work. If there are issues noted, there may be another delay while the reviewer re-checks for a second time. Please be patient. During busy periods, like the Independence Day holiday weekend, it is common for some reviewers to prioritize "easy to list" traditional caches with no issues, ahead of multicaches, puzzle caches and caches where more work with the owner is needed.

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Yeah I'm going to have to redo this.. I never really had to worry about cache saturation til today... is there a way to delete this cache.. or can i just move the original cords and waypoints a couple miles... since it hasn't been published yet..


And Montyollie, sorry for hijacking your post...

Edited by WxGuesser
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There's no need to apologize for hijacking the thread, since it gives other newbie multicache hiders a peek at the issues which the reviewers see on a daily basis. :unsure:


For an unpublished cache, the owner retains the ability to freely edit the coordinates, cache type, etc. May I suggest that you uncheck the "This cache is active" box while you are re-working the cache? This will avoid having a reviewer needlessly spend time on your cache review, until it is ready. Once your cache is fixed, check the box again to return your page to the active review queue.

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I only took a quick glance at your cache, and I can't look again right now as I am working on pocket queries using my player account, in preparation for the holiday weekend.


The title of your cache was fine, even "catchy." But in my fast read-through, I was unclear what purpose the geocoins served. If the numbers or other info. on the coins helped as clues, that is an imaginative cache idea. If they are just there to be logged, and to serve as a temptation, that is a bit "edgy." That's just my humble opinion -- nothing from the cache listing guidelines.

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