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I am looking for video and or paper reports about Geocaching. If you have one (good or bad) I would like to see it. I am making a presantation for local law enforcement.


Thank you.

Please remember that the following resources are available:

  • you can configure Google News to always provide you with the 10 or 20 (or 30 or 50) latest news stories containing the keywords "geocache" and/or "geocaching" and/or "geocacher" from all news sources around the world.
  • ou can go to Google News and do a search on news articles from the last few months on the terms "geocache" and/or "geocaching" and/or "geocacher"
  • you can also go to the Google Video website and any of the other popular video websites and run a search for ANY videos with the keywords of "geocache" or "geocaching" or "geocacher". This alone will find you a ton of videos.

Hope this helps!

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This is the news page I usually refer people when introducing them to geocaching...



It's an April 10, 2006 CBS Evening news piece.





It may not be perfect, but it's still a good caching video. I'd definitely recommend it as part of a caching presentation to show the national/international scope of the activity (all ages, family-oriented, global fun) and then address some of the more security-related issues with the Pennsylvania video suggested by Lep.


I was amused by the reference to caching as "a club" with an online website and the claim, "What's inside is never very valuable," even if both statements contain some truth. :mad:

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How do I save the video that is enbeded in the wab page?


If you're talking about the CBS video, I would click on the "e-mail" option and send it your own e-mail address or the address of the group/organization to whom you wish to present it.


There may be other options, but that one seems the easiest.

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Bestest video news report that's still "live" is this one from WJAC television in Western Pennsylvania. Having a uniformed state park ranger speak positively about participating in the sport helps immensely as a resource to show to other land managers, law enforcement, etc.


The website video referenced by Lep also has an e-mail option. Just search for "geocaching" when the page comes up. Of course, you could always just go to the website for your presentation, especially if you have a digital projector-computer connection.

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