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Okay, I Need Some Help Here . . .

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I haven't played around with the Waymarking site until recently when I started putting some WiFi locations on the site.


Yesterday, I found some Indian grinding holes in a rock in the Laguna Mountains of Southern California. :grin:


I took a picture of one of the holes with my GPSr next to it and recorded the coordinates. I figured this would fit in a Waypoint category.


I have tried the Keyword Search and seem to keep getting the same list of 673 Waymarks :grin: from Historical Markers to McDonald's. irked.gif


Does the Search work? Would my Indian grinding hole fit into a category? Is there an easier way to find a category for something we find?


Any help will be appreciated.

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Miragee -


There are millions of interesting things in the world and certainly indian grinding holes are one of them. However, in Waymarking, what must be done after finding something that you want to waymark is either:


1. Waymark it in an existing category that it fits in, or

2. Go through the process of making a new Waymarking category for that kind of thing.


The problem with #1 is that, of the millions of possible categories of interesting things, there are only a couple hundred categories or something like that, so far. The problem with #2 is that you must do several steps outlined in the Waymarking help areas. The process can take a couple weeks or more, and some category ideas end up being rejected.


So, the usual thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the existing caterories, see which ones interest you, and look for those things without worrying about #1 and #2.


However, if you want to propose and create a new category, you certainly can, and the site welcomes new categories that are good. The place to read about how to start a new category is here.


By the way, I went to the main main directory and put "indian" in the keyword search and got 511 waymarks. I checked a couple and they did have the word indian in their descriptions.

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Thanks for the reply. I posted in the other Forum about the possible expansion of the "Pictographs" Category under the History and Culture.


I guess the assumption I made was that "Indian (or Native American) Grinding Holes" or something like that would have already been listed on Waymarking . . . but it looks like mine might be the first. :rolleyes:


So . . . should the "Pictographs" category be expanded, or should I propose a different category for my Native American grinding holes and the Pictograph site I found?

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Miragee -


Since the definition of a given category is primarily up to the leader during the proposal and peer review stages, you should contact the leader of the Pictographs category via email. You have 2 choices in this email:


1. Slant the email toward the idea that the leader should consider editing the Pictographs category to expand its scope toward including such in situ artifacts such as grinding holes, or


2. Slant the email toward the idea that you will begin the process of making a new category encompassing such things as grinding holes. It would be good to consider explicitly excluding pictographs in the writeup of your new category.


There is a possibly significant problem with #2. I know very little about the subject, but excluding pictographs, rune stones, and stone assembly items such as Stonehenge, and single stone items such as the Easter Island figures, the place-bound artifacts might only include grinding holes. All other artifacts such as arrowheads and grinding and skinning tools are not bound to their place. There is a rule in the peer review process that says: "Prevalence - How many potential waymarks exist throughout the world? Too few and the category may be of little or no interest to anyone. Too many and you may end up with a category full of mundane, everyday locations." Grinding holes themselves would probably not meet this criteria. So, the grinding stones might need to be attached to either pictographs or prehistoric stone monuments if they are to exist in a category.


I don't see ancient pre-historic stone monuments in the category list. So, I suggest a modification of #2 above - you create a category for Ancient Stones - Ceremonial and Functional, or some such name and make it include grinding holes as well as Stonehenge, the Easter Island heads, the various stone assemblies in Ireland ..... :rolleyes:

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I need help as well. While traveling, I found a location with 'Cache' in the name. I could have sworn I had seen that as a category in Waymarking.com. I have been unsuccessful in locating it via keyword searching.


thanks for any guidance-

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