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Favorite Geocoins

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Thanks everyone who mentioned my coin :D


My favorites are:

Kayakerinme - very unique and so cool!

2Hillbillies - love manatees

DiverVan - love the whales

Any GBES coins - there is something about these that I just love

Jeeptoysrus Jeep shaped coins - would love a black nickel one too

Landsharkz - love the sharks

Any loggerhead coin

Mauison - would love a glow coin too

My ultimate favorites is Washington 2004 & 2005 though, Mt St Helens is way too fascinating!


Ok, I have alot of favorites.

Oh yah, almost forgot: Pepper, Team Sand Dollar, & Saffier & Stekelsteef Diving helmet.

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My favs so far:

My newly-paid-for, and wildly-anticipated Tracking Time and Prime Meridian coins (from Team Macha);

First To Find (with the eyes);

Dresslers Dragons;

all of my Crake coins;

and the wildly HUGE Initial Point coins - OMG!


I tend to look for great art, lots of detail and color - maybe I'm a magpie?

I usually don't like shapes other than the conventional round, unless they are very well done.

Significance to our caching experiences is nice, too. We own a bright yellow Jeep Wrangler, so coins with one of those are almost mandatory;

Also, I like geographically-significant coins, or ones specific to Geocaching's origins. I'm an old softy, I guess.

That is why I like the Prime Meridian, compass rose coins, Earth, World and State coins.


And though having the trackable icons are something I jones for, two of my favorite coins are my Champoeg and PDXMarathonMan coins. The former is just an incredible coin (and was designed by a friend!), and the latter because of its size, weight, color, but mostly the detail. Very cool.


Oh, and I'd really like a Sock Puppet coin, since I was one of the original sock puppets in these forums! :laughing:


My Trade List

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