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Help! I Broke Google Earth...

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I can do some dopey things with my computer...

When I first downloaded Google Earth, I was running Firefox as my browser. I still had IE, but I was using FF for Google Earth and GC.com. I was having some problems with FF, so I uninstalled it. Now I can't get the cache description or bookmark links to open from Google Earth! Is there a way to re-acquaint GE with IE? Or do I have to uninstall GE and start all over?

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I thought Google Earth was an independent program, but perhaps it was using some .dll files from Firefox, that got removed when you deleted Firefox. In a situation like this my first step has always been re-installation of the program that isn't working. That would take, what, all of five minutes?

Thanks for the suggestion. I reinstalled Google Earth, I restored my computer to the day before I uninstalled Firefox. It didn't help. I can do "from this" and "to this" on the GE interface, but not open the cache page or bookmark it. Also, it seems like when I bookmark a web page and then send a link to the desk top, the link in bookmarks works but the icon on the desktop won't open it. I've apparently deleted something important but I have no idea what it is or how to get it back.

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