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Geocaching Television Show

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I'm the local programing coordinator for a meduim size cable tv system in the north east and was thinking about doing a program about geocaching in our viewing area and was wondering if anybody has ever seen anything like this in other parts of the country or if anybody has any ideas that could make a show like this interesting.



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Other than a short segment on our local news, and then short segment on the CBS Evening News a couple of months ago, I haven't seen anything.


However, I can think a few angles that might be interesting.

  • You could pretend to be covering an actual FTF race to a newly-published cache, following the actions of two or three highly-competitive local cachers.
  • You could enlist some Puzzle cachers to go through their thought processes in figuring out a devious Puzzle cache.
  • You could cover the adventures of cachers trying to get to a '5' Terrain cache, like if non-boaters have to rent a boat.

I guess it depends on whether it is a documentary, or a dramatic interpretation, or ?


Following some cute kids on a trail and up to a Tupperware container filled with fun kid's stuff would be a winner. :huh:


Just some thoughts . . .

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I've yet to see (or hear of) a show about the social aspects of geocaching, which are quite important to a segment of the caching community. By that I refer to

events and forums, both national and local. Forums are kinda tough to cover on TV (exciting shots of crazed cachers hunched over their keyboards, whoa, there's some hot imagery) or events.


Events of all colors and flavors. Events would make nice TV.

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