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Ending Forum Angst

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I have my own Briansnat shrine set up at home. It sits right betweent he water heater and the washing machine. Every time I hit the rinse cycle I'm reminded of him.... and when it's agitating it's just like he's there with me.












I really was going to be a "good girl" like I was told to be, but THAT is just too funny yo ignore.... Sorry....

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... and I have the Briansnat action figure with the Kung Fu grip and the Briansnat sheets and pillowcase set with matching shammy and four pairs of Briansnat Under-roos with extra elastic support and the Brinasnat toothpast and the Briansnat truss and the Briansnat bubble gum ...

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Well I think we got the pig herded off. Somebody lock that bathroom window so he don't climb out again.

OH MAN! I knew there was a reason it was locked.... Sorry :P:unsure::laughing:

Why was Wanda trying to get into the Men's Room, anyway? :P

Well, Umm, Errr, Ummm I'm still trying to see what all they have wrote about me in there, but I was so busy hearing this odd sound and seen the window closed and figured that was the reason for the smell, I unlocked and opened the window and umm yeah.....

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... and when I hear Briansnat calls my name - and I know he will someday - I will truly know bliss ... "Torry," he will say in those sweet dulcet tones, "It's not about the numbers. It's never been about the numbers. It's always been about you."

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Judging from responses in various threads and from the PMs and e-mails I receive, about half the people here agree with what I have to say, while the other half think I'm totally off base.


If that second half would come over to the light side and agree with everything I say, the nastiness and angst here will disappear instantly.


So how about it?


For those of you who find yourselves disagreeing with me, here are some useful phrases to aid your transition...

AAARRRGGGHH! Brian, I do not like bland happy sterile vanilla forums filled with agreeable bobble-heads on Prozac. Further, I disagree with everything you wrote in your post and with everything you have ever written! In fact, you are a nothing but a pusillanimous polecat, a hooligan, a scalawag, and a carpetbagger, and a neurasthenic to boot! So there!






You left out "nattering nabob of negativism". :unsure:

So sorry! :P

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... and there's the Briansnat mug and the Briansnat 9mm and the Briansnat skin cream with extra aloe and the Briansnat curtains and the Briansnat Cialis dispenser and the Briansnat Purple Pony Alarm and the Briansnat seat covers and the Briansnat personal hygiene spray ...

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Sometimes I lie awake all night staring at the naked light bulb on the ceiling of my dingy room and wondering what I can do to make Briansnat part of my life forever..... just waiting and staring and waiting and staring ... until the bulb grows blurry and thoughts of Briansnat fill my aching brain and I can hear him laughing but he's not laughing in a good way he's laughing in a bad way and he's laughing at me and they're all laughing at me so I grab the...

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... No ... No .. Briansnat loves me he loves only me and he will come to realize that one day and we will be happy and live in the cave I've dug out in the hills and he will not chew through his leg restraints like the other ones try to do ....

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