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Canada Multi-cache


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Ok.. sounds reasonable to me. I agree that there should be a way to make the YK, MWT and Nunavut caches a bonus once we get people to place them. Hell, I would be willing to throw a Geo-party at my house and BBQ for that person!


So all we need is someone in Manitoba and we can get this sucker going.

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Lizardo! You got my message! I am very glad to see you and thanks for coming on board. :P

If everyone gives me another day or 2 I may be able to get someone in the territories.

But I see the popular opinion is not in favour of that.

I won't do anything unless eelow&beelow gives the okay. Otherwise I won't try.

This is his baby.



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Alberta (Edmonton) - TeamRB&R

British Columbia (Victoria) - Landsharkz

Ontario (Toronto) - Keith Watson

Manitoba (Winnipeg) - Lizardo

Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown) - thecyr

New Brunswick (Fredericton) - timrs2001

Quebec (Québec City) - Marmacette

Newfoundland and Labrador (St. John's) - Keith3333

Saskatchewan (Regina) - WannerClan

Nova Scotia (Halifax) - The Lost Geeks


Bonus Round


Northwest Territories (Yellowknife)

Yukon (Whitehorse)

Nunavut (Iqaluit)

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Well we finally have all of the 10 provinces in place. We will be skipping the territories for now and if they join later, then it will be a bonus of some sort. Ok, so now that the major pieces are in place, the final is on it's way to being set up thanks to hidnseek and geosquid.


Once that is in place, each of the other cache owners will be contacted and told to set up their cache asap and include the numbers that I send you (that will be part of the final cache coords).


The final cache will be registered as the "Cross Canada Multi" (or something like that). Once those are in place, the list will be posted on the Cross Canada Multi cache page and it should be open for business!


I would like to have all of the peices in place by July 31st so we can get this sucker rolling!


A couple of housekeeping items:


1. I am terrible at HTML.. Is there someone out there that can come up with a template to this cache so that each cache in this Multi uses the same basic information etc to start with? If not, then I will come up with something. :P


2. Anyone have a better name for this sucker??


Thanks everyone for helping with this.. I think it will be truly great and a wonderful way to see our great Country!

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I think that each cache owner could make it as special as they want and add a bit of Canadiana to it.


There will be basic instructions on the main cache page. Do you mean standard instructions for each cache? If so, then not really. There will be standard information that each cache owner would place on the page, linking to the main cache, the other caches, etc. but the cache instructions for that individual cache would be up to that person.

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Ok, so emails have been sent out to all those who are participating. Lets get those caches in place!


I think the solution to the Territories will be.. if we can get caches placed in each of the 3, they will have individual clues to the final location. So, solve all 10 provinces or solve all 3 territories.



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Fredericton is well under way. It will likely be a mini-multi to travel around to interesting points in the city.

I think it's only right that the territories are involved. I was looking around for cachers up there and it's going to be difficult but not impossible to find someone.

Leave it with me.



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Right now, I think I am the hold-up, and for that i apologize, but life outside of geocaching has been interfering more than I would like the last few weeks.


I expect to have my bit ready by Thursday afternoon.

Geosquid, you're off the hook. A new puzzle cache came up not 14m from the final for our yet to be approved Victoria BC hide for the Geotour. We spent some time tonight looking for another good hiding spot on the same mountain. We came across a perfect rock, set well back from the trail... we could have hid an ammo can under it! When we removed all the sticks and bark blocking the hidey hole we found an Xtreme GPS Team cache we didn't have coords for! So we logged that one and came home to rethink our hide location. I think the hill we'd chosen now has a cache every 161 m :lol: .

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We are soooo off the hook :laughing: .


We found a spot today, a mountain with only 1 cache - almost unheard of around here! We increased the size of our cache container to ammo and hid it good. It's actually a 'Park Friendly' geocache too as it's right at the side of the trail, you could kick it as you walked by...if you knew it was there.


Now we have to rework all the numbers of our multi, but basically we are good to go! Let's get this rolling folks! :P

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If the posts here are an accurate indication, we have caches hid and ready in: PEI, NB, BC, ON, AB and SK.


We're waiting on MB, QC, NS and NL. Eelow & Beelow may have other confirmations we don't know about though. Also I think the Grande Finale in Ottawa is still on it's way to be hid...


Perhaps after the holiday weekend is over we can summarize where we're at and pull this all together.

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The Edmonton Alberta (GCXP29) cache has been placed today. Waiting for the admins to approve it... and release on your word. How are the rest of the provinces coming along?


I too apologize for the delay.. and well.. I got a nice tour of the city in today. LOL!



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Our cache is live already but we will do a minor edit when the rest of nation is ready. We had it ready before and it will take a minute to put it back.

Have a look. GCXFGQ


Hyup, coolio. Indeed, I will need to do some minor edits myself when all the points are known. As well, IMHO the cache pages should all have a common look and feel to unify them. Only Quebec's should be distinct of course. (Sorry, ducking for cover now... from our brother Marmacette to the East). :blink:

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The Nova Scotia part of the tour has been hidden ( and no caches close to it this time!!) I am holding my breath.. the cachers down here have been laying out caches like crazy!!!


I am working on the HTML now and should be ready to post..


Let us know when we can send it to the approvers!


"Great White North Geotour - Historic Halifax" will be up soon!!!!!

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My apologies for the delay in responding. An email has been sent out with confirmations of all that has been chatted about in here.


We are in need of a cache in Winnipeg as the last guy never bothered to contact me or follow up.


The following is what I can confirm


Alberta (Edmonton) - TeamRB&R – DONE CACHE # GCXP29


British Columbia (Victoria) - Landsharkz – DONE – CACHE # GCXRHE


Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown) - thecyr - DONE


New Brunswick (Fredericton) - timrs2001 – DONE


Saskatchewan (Regina) - WannerClan - DONE


Newfoundland and Labrador (St. John's) - Keith3333 – DONE


Nova Scotia - The Lost Geeks - DONE


FINAL - Almost Done?


Ontario (Toronto) - Keith Watson – DONE



Manitoba (Winnipeg) – NEED A NEW CACHER


Quebec (Québec City) - Marmacette - UNKNOWN


Check your email!!

Edited by eelow&beelow
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I'm here! I am finally healthy (physically, not mentally). I will be placing my cache tomorrow afternoon. I have the sites scoped out and hope to have the cache page written up in the evening or on Sunday.


I have only received e-mail in the past couple of days from Timrs2001, but nothing from eelow&beelow. do you have my address right? lizardo(at)shaw.ca.


Sorry for making you panic. The listing will be GCY71E once it is published.


Stay tuned.

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I knew Lizardo would be back. I also had a reply from a really nice couple Sam and Lily in Winnipeg to do it if Lizardo could not.

It looks like this is finally going to fly, doesn't it?

I'm temporarily disabling Fredericton and we're going to make the changes to it to be ready.

I'm with Wannerclan that we get online with it now.

If that's okay eelow and beelow we'll do it.




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PEI was muggled before it was even released, so he is working on a new one.


Go ahead and release your caches. Please make sure to use the new graphic that was sent in the email.


As the missing caches are ready, please add them to the list. I will create a bookmark list for the public.


Thanks everyone for helping to make this happen. I will make another note and email once everything is in place for the full series.



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Okay gang. Fredericton is up and running. GCXFGQ

As you can see we need the rest of the cache numbers to add to the listing. Don't forget to send Ottawa.

Ace226 came up with the great design with the coat of arms to put beside the provincial cache list.

Ace226 did pretty well everything you see. He looks after the City of Fredericton firefighter's historical archives and this page http://www.frederictonfirefighters.ca/museum/ and is one of the most creative and interesting cachers I have ever seen.

When in town be sure to make a point to try his multis. Very educational.


Keep at them everyone.


Take Care,


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