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I'm sure we've all run across benchmarks that were mislabeled. The 'benchmark disk' is actually a rivet, sort of thing. That is usually clarified in the description. And, I'm sure that we've all run across more than one benchmark at one location.

So, I went hunting for KV0666 and KV0665. Both have the same coordinates, and are located on the southwest abutment of the Morris and Essex Division of New Jersey Transit over Watchung Avenue in Chatham Borough, Morris County, NJ. Sounds easy enough. The monel rivet KV0666 is on the northwest section of the abutment. I could find no chiseled cross. But, however, I lovated a cast iron rivet on the southeast section of the abutment. A cast iron rivet is obviously put on the abutment as a benchmark, though only the monel rivet and the chiseled cross are listed on NGS.

So, the question is: were three benchmarks put on the same structure, and no one can find the chiseled cross, and the cast iron rivet is just not listed? Or, was the cast iron rivet mislabeled as a chiseled cross? Or, is there another explanation for this mess? Curious dolphins want to know!

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