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Personal Coin Fliegenpilz, Pre-order


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Nice shroom :huh:


What size is the coin? What thickness is the coin? What metals are the coins being minted in? How much will they cost?


From the link (I nearly missed it the first time I read the post) in the OP:




Size: 38 mm (3mm thick)


Color: soft enamel


Finishes: Polished nickel (RE) 300 Stück

Polished gold (LE) 150 Stück

Gun (black nickel) (SE) 50 Stück


Trackable: Yes, on www.geocaching.com


Icon: Yes, this coin gets an own icon.





Payment will be arranged via PayPal




Polished Nickel (RE) USD 7,00 each coin

Polished Gold (LE) USD 8,00 each coin

Gun (Black Nickel) (SE) USD 9,00 each coin (MAX. 2 PER ORDERER)


Shipping costs:


USD 3,50 per coin (USD 0,50 extra per extra coin)

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Neat coin! I've put in an order. Couldn't decide which metal would look best so I flipped a coin...

You can also order them all and trade the one(s) you like less :) .


LOL. Everytime I get a package in the mail, DH looks at me and says "more coins? you should stop spending my money!" :lol:

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I have requested a trade for this coin but have not heard from the owner so looking to trade for 2 of these from anyone.


I have just been buying to many coin and need to shift to trading for them.


For trade we have the following personal geocoins.


Team Sand Dollar in Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Buffalo Wings V1 in Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Buffalo Wings V2 (Florida Trail) (Trackable with icon) in:

Bronze, Antique Silver, Black Nickel(White buffalo) and Copper(Black buffalo)



Team Sand Dollar

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