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Search For Missing Kid In Kirkland


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Search and Rescue is on the scene at Kamiakin Junior High School, general coordinates N47°43.669', W122°09.917'. There are wooded areas in there and if you are in the area you will see them on horseback. All caches in the area are subject to being compromised. They just put a picture of the kid on TV but it isn't on the news webs yet. - TL


King County Searchers Looking For Missing Teenager


POSTED: 7:42 am PDT June 10, 2006

UPDATED: 7:46 am PDT June 10, 2006


NEAR KIRKLAND -- King County search and rescue teams are searching for a missing 13 year-old boy.


Police say that the boy has beenmissing since late Friday night. A full Search and Rescue missing is on-going.


The boy’s name is Mikey Vaughn. Mikey has severe mental problems, with a mental age of about 7. He requires medication every four hours.


Mikey was last scene about 8:00 AM on Friday at Kamiakin, where he is a student. When he didn’t come home from school, his foster parents began looking for him. The Sheriff's Office was notified about 11:30 PM.


The boy was wearing red and blue sneakers, blue jeans, blue T-shirt, a red jacket, and carrying a Huskies-purple backpack. He is about 4’ 7” tall, 70 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a severe speech impediment, and lives near Kamiakin with his foster parents.


Anyone who has seen Mikey or knows where he is should call the Sheriff’s Office immediately at (206) 296-3311, or 9-1-1.

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Further info -


Police say Mikey Vaught was found at a friend's house in the Shoreline area. He had been missing since late Friday night.


That's a heck of a long ways awy from Kirkland. As a parent, I'd be pretty ticked off at the hosting parents for not checking.

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I wouldn't worry too much about compromised caches when SAR is looking for a person. If they were searching for a gun or knife, however, it would probably be discovered, either before or after the camoflage was removed. :huh: I've seen several blackberry brambles reduced to putting greens simply because someone threw a gun into the bramble whilst running from the police. ;)


On the plus side, I imagine your cache would be recovered. SAR people tend to be pretty civic-minded, and I know several are cachers.

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Glad to hear things worked out and that Mikey is fine. It was kind of weird to see mention of the Junior high school that I attended in 9th grade (the first "graduating" class of the brand new school), along with the woods that I did some of my running in until we moved to the Shoreline area.


I haven't lived there in a long time but I sure had some vivid visual memories of the area after reading the OP.

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