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Cccooperagency (trackable) Geocoin


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Don't mean this bad or anything, but shouldn't "Jermiah" be "Jeremiah"? Hopefully, they haven't started minting :P




Think both spellings are appropriate depending on which Bible you have ... I have a King James with it spelled Jermiah and a NRSV with it spelled Jeremiah. No expert here, but I thinking both spellings may be correct.


As for CCCA, she is a caching machine ... living nearby her, I've had the opportunity to cache with her a few times and the women never stops! She has lots of help from the teams at home (some of which have their own ID's) as well and even an occasional find by them on her behalf. However, I'd say by and large she does most all of the field work and the finds are made by her or the group she's with at the time. There's an interview with her on Podcachers a few months back you might want to give a listen to some time.

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I just ordered a few coins


And to think I knew Lynn way back when she ONLY had 2,000 finds.


This is the person that waded across thigh deep White Clay Creek River in SE Pa/Delaware in late March (about 50 deg water temp) to grab a cache on the other side because it was way faster than walking 1 mile downstream to the bridge.

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We certainly met at the Kettle Cache (excellent event). I was the only gal on an all-guy (minus 1) team. Hope to get down your way again SOON! Maybe we can hook up for some caching?


Thank you everyone for the FOND (true & hilarious) memories. Fishing Fools you had me laughing till the tears rolled about our encounter with the Ancient Klingon Warrior. BTW, wonder what he'd think about my new haircut?


You all are so precious to me and looking forward to the next event!!! Wanna cache???

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