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Dresseldragons Geocoin


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We finally took the plunge…time to announce the DresselDragons geocoin. This is a YemonYime design, created way back in March…THANKS Prime Yime! The coins have been in full production since the end of May, and the plan is for them to go on sale at the beginning of July. The finish is antique silver, with red sparkle enamel on both sides…trackable with icon. I took these pictures myself, so please excuse their quality…I am not that good with close-up shots…






More details will be available later!

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Well, I've been slowing down with my habit, however ...


I also had the pleasure of meeting DresselDragons at an event here in WV earlier this year. I've got a couple of their sig items and I'm really looking forward to adding one of these coins to my collection.


Great work!

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Very nicely done! Any info on the price you'll be charging? And will they all be antique silver?


For you? A penny per sparkle. :ph34r:


I collect anything Dragonic, and I must say that is by far the best looking coin I've seen. Let me know when they come up to sale. I would like one.


Heck, put me down for two coins and one pin. *Depending on price of course* :)

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For those of you posting to be added to the presale list...CoinsAndPins.com will not have pre-sales for this coin. It will be sold when it is ready to go and in stock (soon, I hope). They like to sell items that are in stock so that everyone's money is not tied up for a shipment. The best way to get notified of the sale is to join their mailing list. They will let everyone on the list know when the coins start selling. You can join the list by going to their site, click on the Stock Geocoin page and then click on the mailing list link at the top of the page.

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Cool coin DD, its nice to see another coin out of our area, looking forward to getting it.


Ironically, the original icon did have a "DD" for DresselDragons, but after seeing something similar posted in another thread, I went back to the drawing board and came up with something that turned out much better than the original icon, and even more reflective of their coin. :unsure:


BTW: I've seen the samples in person, and the mint did an exceptional job. The word "wicked" comes to mind... :huh:

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