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Well Done Garmin

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:laughing: I don't know what it's like on the U.S. side of the pond but over here in Blighty the lasses and lads in Garmin customer service are doing a great job. I bought a 60cs on the internet (usually enough for a company to make a fuss about warranty claims) and having used and abused it for over a year the usb port came loose. Rang up Garmin they said they would quote for repair but low and behold TWO DAYS later a brand new unit arrived on the doorstep. No quibble, no proof of purchase and absolutely no hassle. Hats off boys!
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I agree. Three days into a month long vacation my 2620's touch screen quit working.

I called the Company and they asked if I had my remote with me. I said no, I had never

needed it. They sent a remote to the camp ground I was at. After returning home I

sent the unit in and had a rebuilt one in my hands in less than a week, and this was

after the warrantee had ran out.

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Just got off the phone with them this morning. My 60csx cigarette lighter adapter got didn't take vibrations of off-road in mexico very well and stopped working unless i made the wire go a certain way. New one is on the way.

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