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Louisiana Geocoin

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I have all the #'s from the coin but can't seem to find where I can log this one. My brother had passed it of to me cause he said he wouldn't be getting it out any where soon. Any ideas on how I could log this one?



First of all is it activated??? You say you have all the numbers. Try looking up the tracking # LA ####, if it says the coin is not activated then you have to activated it on the site. Once it's active you can use it like a travel bug. If it is active then the result from putting in the tracking number will tell you where it's at. You will need to "grab" it from whoever or whereever before you can drop it. Is that what you needed to know? :anitongue:

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Well I had no luck with either of those. Hmmmmm. I did not see it in the persons profile I got it from either

I just activated another LA coin using an activation code I got there. (Don't use the GC code which is on the tree - that's the code for the first cache placed in Louisiana.)

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Well I had no luck with either of those. Hmmmmm. I did not see it in the persons profile I got it from either


It's possible that it's unactivated. This is especially possible if it isn't in the inventory of the person from whom you got it. What you need to do is go to http://www.geocaching.com/track and enter in the tracking code there.


Be careful with the numbers -- you might have to try it a couple of different times, because some of the numbers & letters look like one another: 1s for Is, 0s for Os, 8s for Bs, etc.


If nothing works, then chances are you have an unactivated coin. You can keep it unactivated, or you can activate it. Once it's activated, you can either keep it, or release it. It's up to you. If it's unactivated and you want to activate it, you'll need two numbers:


1. The coin's own tracking code, which you already have

2. The coin's activation code, such as coincodes.com


When you go to a site with an activation database (such as coincodes.com), you enter in the tracking number, and the site returns the tracking code to you. You then go back to geocaching.com's trackable page and use the third line there, the one that says "activate trackable item". Type in the coin's own tracking code. You'll then be prompted for the activation code and other stuff to get it going.


Why activate it? If you're planning to release it, of course, this is how the system tracks it. Or you might want to activate it so that its icon appears in your own personal trackable inventory. Note that although it's possible to adopt coins from one person to another, coins tend to sell better when they are unactivated, so if you're planning to keep the coin in your collection to sell it later, you may want to think about leaving it as unactivated.



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