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Public Transportation Caches?

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I'm in the planning stages of building the website for our local caching group.

(OK! :( Sorry guys, I've been in this stage for 3 months now! :ph34r: )


One of the things that I thought might be cool is to have a section that has a couple of the local Public Transportaion bus routes and the caches that can be found within, let's say, 1 mile of certain stops.


The buses are scheduled so they arrive at each stop about every hour.

I thought this would give someone plenty of time to give at least a half hearted search for the caches in that area and have time to get back to the stop.


What are your thoughts? Any suggestions to improve the above idea?


Would you do a cache run like this?


Has anyone already done something like this that I can look at to see how they did it? :anitongue:


Thank You for your time! :D


D-man :(


edit: stupid moving keys on my keyboard, they keep jumping in font of each other!!


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In places where the public transporation is good, this is a great idea. I used to live in Clearwater, FL, and during "season" most of the locals parked their cars and took the bus. It would also be good for folks that need to watch their budget.


Um, how to make it really useful? Most of this you have probably already thought of, but...


1) Add maps of the bus route to the page and a link to the bus schedules.


2) Have the caches shown on the bus route map (a lot of updating to do there, perhaps?)


3) Add bookmark lists of the caches along the route (easier than suggestion #2).


4) Make note of places that offer shelter/food & drinks, public restrooms. (Since you can't just jump in the car if it starts storming).

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