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Need Help For The One Degree Of Separation Project


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Hi there. I grew up in Wyoming and have always considered it my home even though I live pretty far away. I'll be visiting in about two weeks and have a question. At the Geowoodstock4 event Snoogans asked for everyone to help in his One Degree of Separation project. go to http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...21-7a6e6a628251 or look up GCTVHQ for explaination. I want to place one of these caches in Casper (my hometown) and one in Evanston (visiting). I won't be able to keep these maintained after I leave. I'm asking for some volunteers on helping this project by maintaing the caches when I leave and offering any suggestions on placing it (I haven't cached out there yet). Please e-mail me at rhcpfreak3@hotmail.com if your interested in helping. thanks, maya B)

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maya112 Today, 08:27 AM Post #2


all of these views and no volunteers? Wyoming isn't what it used to be


You must remember that most towns in this state are fairly far apart and we do not have a large population of cachers, but we are growing. It is very possible that all of the 46 people that viewed this post live hundreds of miles away from Casper, as well as some from other states. I would be more than willing to sponsor your cache, but I too live 120 miles away. If this distance is acceptable please get ahold of me and we can work somthing out. If not, I can get ahold of some Casper cachers and have them get in touch with you.


so...in reply to you comment,


"Wyoming is not what it used to be" YOU ARE CORRECT - IT IS EVEN BETTER

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"Wyoming is not what it used to be" YOU ARE CORRECT - IT IS EVEN BETTER


I know all about Wyoming. I grew up there. I know that when I resided there that everybody would be willing to help, that's all. I speaking of help I have found a volunteer. Thanks

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