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Canadian Geopub Quiz


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Jerusalem is correct.


Seattle is not one that I was aware of, but it appears to be correct, so take it away Mag Magician.


Bye the way, the other two I had in mind are:


Istanbul - formerly Constantinople, and was chosen as the site for the capital of Rome's eastern empire because it had seven hills


Lisbon is the other.

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Here's a quickie! Why is the name "Manuel Moroun" important to international transportation?

First to circumnavigate the globe in a shipping container?


Lessee? Nope! Circumnavigate is wrong, and shipping containers are a small part of where he is very important to (Canada/US...hint hint) international shipping. :)


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Hmm interesting facts


Manuel J. “Matty” Moroun GPS

- unconfirmed net worth of over $600 million per Forbes

-owns the Ambassador Bridge, 5% of Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

-owns CenTra Inc. - fifth largest private trucking company in US

- owns portion of Citizens Bank, owns an insurance company and large parcels of land in southwest Detroit including Michigan Central Depot

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New Question:


What's unique about the bones of the garfish?

I know that one, but I'm curious how this fits in to the criteria for questions in this thread as posted in the OP. I'm curious because you broke in earlier in this thread and interupted my question about where the first all aluminum bridge is because you said it was off track according to the criteria. My question was clearly about geography so should have been OK according to post 1. Now we get this one from you and I can't figure out where it fits into to your own criteria. :D


And the answer is, they are green.



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I think the problem that has started the confusion is that there was one question that finished without being finished... and then another that was started that no one knew the answer to so we got goofy. Then there was confusion over the fact that the rules were not being kept to.... and it all snowballed into hearing nothing but the crickets :)


So, although this is not my forum topic, I am going to take the lead here say lets forget any previous unanswered questions because obviously no one is going to finish them. And I have gone back to the original post to copy the rules to refresh everyone's memory or to inform those that came in mid-way and did not read from the beginning to even know what the rules are. So here are the rules:


Here's how it works. I'll ask a question and the person whom answers correctly will ask the next question and when that's answered correctly will in turn post another question etc. To keep it within topic I suggest the questions fall into one or more of these loose categories:


- Geocaching

- Navigation

- Geomatics/graphy/physics etc

- The Canadian hiking experience

- Cycling, Canoeing, Kayaking or any other means of arriving at a cache.

- Camping


No cheating now, that includes Googling for the answers!


And I am going to post the first NEW question now:


Many people know that Algonquin Provincial Park is Ontario's oldest provincial park and the first provincial park in Canada (established 27 May 1893).

But who knows what the second oldest provincial park in Ontario is and when was it established?


(Remember no cheating, no googling or yahooing, etc to find the answer)

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Sorry, The Trans Canada Trail was created in 1992, try again but think older.




I was thinking the Trans-Canada Trail too but I was just thinking of longest not age.


Re-thinking it I would guess the Bruce Trail which along the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara Falls to Tobermory. I can't remember when it was started though... sometime in the 60's?

I have hiked portions of the trail and love it!

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