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Hi all,


Just a quick note to remind people that the Cacher of the Month website is now accepting results for the month of May. The latest date for submitting your stats is the 15th of June.


If you haven't taken part before you can now register on the website. If anyone has any problems please let me know. I shall be away between now and the 15th so may not be able to respond to queries straight away.





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Silly Q.But how do we add the stats as there isn't a page to do this.Or do we just email them in the contact page?


A. Log in, then you are given the option "Submit Results"

If you haven't registered already you will have to do so.

However... Adam is away, and registration requires a confirmation email I think...


But! You will then be registered for next month!



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Hi all,


Got back from my camping trip on Friday. Had a wedding to go to on Saturday, then didn't get home till early Sunday morning. All of which has left me knackered. But the main thing is, I'm able to answer any queries again now.


There is a few days left until the deadline to get May results in on the 15th.



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Wooden Spoon anybody, :D not going to let that happen again.


1st post in the fourms and a joint wooden spoon ..... Good work :lol:;)


Heading that way myself :D Well done The Bolas Heathens for 1st place and NICE going Greg on 180 caches (Thats a years caching for me :D :D)

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Tried to log on to post my results but getting server not found. is there a problem again?


Yes I'm afraid so. I've informed the hosting company, hopefully it will be sorted soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Update The site is now back online.

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