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Help! I Don't Know What I'm Doing.


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Hello my name is Jay aka B1rdbrain. i just got into this and went out last monday for the holliday looking for 3 caches in my area. i didn't find a single one. i got real dirty looking and i just need some help to see how it is done. the first one was Northrige 1994 this was a cool thought find the fake rock and look at stuff from an earthquake that i lived through. the 2nd was a del taco down the street i thought it would be quick being it was down the street but this one was listed as a light pole hide i opened all the light poles but one and i didn't have the tools to open it. (i just know it's in the one i didn't open. i'll be back for that one) so i think if i could be told about a group meeting then i could go and get some pointers. email me at b1rdbrain@yahoo.com or go to http://www.myspace.com/b1rdbrain


thank you for you're time



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