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60csx 2.70 Poi Question

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Ever since I updated my Garmin 60csx to firmware 2.70, I noticed that if I am viewing the map of an area where I have points of interest(POI) uploaded at, they look like like grey circles, that using the rocker pad to control the arrow, I can't select the POI! <_<


I used to be able to do this before. Now it seem like the only way I can get to that point is to use the FIND button -> POI-> select the point/geocache from the list.


Is anyone else noticing this? Any idea if its just me or the software? Thanks!

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I think I saw that in previous posts : you need to go to your map setup and turn user waypoints to "OFF". It works on mine...


Thanks! Cron, that did the trick :rolleyes:


Just wondering, what does it mean to when you set "user waypoints" to off? I mean they still work, and show so it's kind of a strange naming convention. Oh well thanks again..

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I've noticed that when I use "find', that a custom poi will show info, but then if I pan to another custom poi that poi will not show any info.

If I start at the map page, I can pan anywhere & the custom poi's show info as long as I do not use "find". :)

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