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My Personal Geocoin


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Do you think there will be enough interest to warrant getting 500?


From what I have seen in the forums having an icon will really help your coin sell most wont buy without an icon, like me (I am a icon ho) as they call it, or should I say I am starting to become one :P

How do you know if a coin has it's own icon???


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How do you know if a coin has it's own icon???


Most of the time the maker of the coin will say that it does... if it does, then you will see it listed in its own group under the 'Trackables' section of your profile. As an example you can look at my profile and see allt he different type of coins I own and have seen, most of which have an icon specific to that type of coin.

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I have requested a trade for this coin but have not heard from the owner so I am looking to trade for 2 of these from anyone.


I have just been buying to many coin and need to shift to trading for them.


For trade we have the following personal geocoins.


Team Sand Dollar in:

Silver, or Bronze.


Buffalo Wings V1 in:

Gold, or Silver.


Buffalo Wings V2 2006 (Trackable with icon) in:

Bronze, Antique Silver, Black Nickel(White buffalo) and Copper(Black buffalo)


Team Sand Dollar V2 2006 (numbered, NOT trackable) in:

Black Nickel, Ant Silver, Ant Copper (Available 9/8)


Also check out my trade list at




Team Sand Dollar

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After lansharkz, my eyes and others opinions, the coins are now going to be in antique silver and antique bronze maybe gold.

(These boys just keep on getting more and more expensive)


Will be making an offical release thread soon, with the golden examples.

Well, the good thing from your end is that you know that these are going to sell, and probably quickly. You took some good suggestions and have produced an outstanding personal coin. I can't remember what I reserved, but I'm probably going to want to up it; I'm thinking two of each finish, now, minimum. I don't think that you will be sorry that you are doing those two finishes: they are going to be very classy :unsure:

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