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If I Sell My Setup How Much Should I Expect To Get

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Considering the price of a new 76CSx and the current $100 rebate from Garmin I wouldn't expect to get as much as you might hope for. I have a GPSMAP 76CS and am considering upgrading to the newer 76CSx. In that case I'd be trying to sell my current unit. I'd sell the unit, the cables, book, etc. and it has CS v7 installed and unlocked. I don't know what I'd get for it but I'd likely be happy to get a couple hundred bucks. I bought it in August of 2005. Now if I can just convince myself that I really need that upgrade......... <_<

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... a like new (5 months old) 76CS ... and a copy of city select north america v7. If I sell this, what should I expect to get for it?
Depends on if you want a quick sale, or want to get top dollar.


Go to Tiger GPS and GPS City, and get current pricing on a comparable new package, including shipping. Then knock off 1/3 of the lowest new pricing you can find online. Advertise that price in the Garage Sale forum here and you'll get a quick sale at a fair price.


My "1/3 off " rule of thumb is base on two related points: It's used equipment, no matter how nicely you kept the original packaging, and anyone shopping for used gear wants a bargain. Knocking just a few bucks (or even $20) off of current retail, or "free shipping" really isn't a bargain.


Always makes me laugh is when someone posts used gear in the Garage Sale at or above what you could buy it for new today :rolleyes:

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Always makes me laugh is when someone posts used gear in the Garage Sale at or above what you could buy it for new today B)


Yeah, doesn't everyone know if you want close to or above the price of new, for used stuff that Ebay is the place to find the suckers to buy it?

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I just sold my gps V deluxe version with cityselect 6 in great shape and it only sold for 105 bucks.

I was expecting 150.


Not happy..I acutally considered not going through with it for a minute. I'm sending it out to the guy as soon as his electronic check clears.



It looks like you might get about $350.00 for it on eBay. I’d guess about $275.00 - $300.00 on the Geocaching Garage Sale.

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