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Provincial Caches


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What are the first caches in each province?


I would like to travel to each province and do the first cache in each. Which ones were first in your area?


To find the oldest caches in the province(s), just click on the "Hide and Seek a cache" option and do a search by country. Choose the province and when it gives you the return caches for the province, click on the little double arrowheads to the right. Caches are sorted Newest to oldest . ;)

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Fortunately there isn't really a debate for Ontario, but there could be.


The accepted, as far as I know, FIRST CACHE is "DEER BAIT" - GC2B4 - 1st Successful Ontario Cache


However, there was a cache placed a week before that was never found, and was recently looked for again... and there is no way it could still be there, as I have been told. That was TAZZ - GC228 - Never found 1st Ontario Cache


Deer Bait has been adopted by a new owner, for various reasons. Deer Bait is the first successful cache in Ontario, it is placed in the First Provincial Park in Ontario, and for me it was my first cache find. I didn't know the significance of Deer Bait at the time, but now I feel very lucky to have found it first and have this historic cache so close to me.


Good luck with the plans!


:( The Blue Quasar

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Why are the, e.g., Ontario dates wrong? I'm thinking of a certain "lame" cache that claims to have been placed in 2000, when it was really placed in 2005.


Does GC accept whatever date they are given on a cache submission even if it is wrong?

Does GC post an incorrect date if the submitter's computer clock is incorrectly set?

Can a person go back and change the date once it has been accepted?


I've never noticed this before.

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