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Compare *navigotor* To *city Select*

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I'm looking for detailed mapping for my new 60csx and wondering which MapSource to get. I've used City Select v5 for a long time with my old GPS.


In looking at the two, the road details appear to be the same (down to large farmer roads). Navigator has only a few maps (but I'm guessing those are large collections of the City Select maps). Comments/Suggestions? :laughing:

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Plain and simple ... Navigator has larger map segments to take into account the larger memory sizes available with the newer models. Select has smaller segments since you needed to be more selective with older model GPSr's about what you loaded. Select is essentially being retired and will no longer be offered by Garmin.


I've heard larger segments also makes route calculation more efficient and accurate -- particularly in areas where you cross map boundaries -- since with Navigator there are obviously fewer such areas.


Since you have the newer Csx, you should be buying Navigator.

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Maps in version 7 should be the same. The main difference is the size of the tiles. Navigator has map segments that are abuot 30MB each. Select's map tiles are about 1MB each, making it easier to customize the area you load. With a 60CSx and a large micro card, it doesn't much matter. In units without expandable memory, Select is the way to go.


That being said, Garmiin is likely to release version 8 in the next few weeks. It will have the latest maps and points of interest. Rumor has it that Select will be gone, but Navigator will feature smaller map tiles.


If you order 7 now, but don't register it until after 8 is released, Garmin will send you the update for free (or at least they have in the past).

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I was having problems with City Select 7 and I got Garmin to send me Navigator 7 so I can tell you there is a big difference besides file sizes. Navigator has much more information and does a better job navigating. Here is an example, if you follow I-64 through IL and then take I-57 South, City Slect will draw on the map the proper route but it never tells you to switch from I-64 to I-57. City Navigator will. I said that is a defect, Garmin says it is designed that way. The issue is I-64 and I-57 merge and you never take an exit to get from I-64 to I-57 so while City Select draws it right on the map, it never tells you to swith Interstates. I thought that was a pretty significant error.


Are not the files merged together when they are loaded on the GPS? On the card reader there is only one file. So I do not think it makes it easier to calculate routes. It just does a better job of telling you what to do.


I also noticed City Navigator also has better info on names. For example, when a road has a name and highway name, City Select just gives you one, City Navigator gives you both.

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