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Suggestion For 'my Waymarks' Page

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with the advent of the 'owned waymarks' tab on 'my profile', the current 'my waymarks' page is outdated. the only difference is that it lists owned waymarks alphabetically and codes them to this key:




Active Waymark (bolded)

Inactive Waymark (not bolded)

Unapproved Waymark* (not bolded)

Declined Waymark* (not bolded) {with a line through it}


some sort of revitilization of this page needs to occur. i feel than the keys should be headings prioritized, with applicable waymarks following. so the page would look like:


Unapproved Marks: {so you can see what you have done, in case you forgot, and when 'it has taken too long' you can contact 'the group'.***note: how is this process to work? is there a contact group link for 'nonmembers' that will send a message to the members?}


'your house' - US Register og Historic Places - 02/05/2030



Declined Marks: {need immediate action--to correct or archive}


"XXXXXXXXX" - 'Insert Category' - 01/01/2050 - [edit]




Inactive Marks: {needs more attention than active ones...)


McDs in the Mall, New York - McDs - 05/16/1992



Active Marks:


1 - US Recoverd Benchmark - 04/05/2066

2 - US Recoverd Benchmark - 04/05/2066

3 - US Recoverd Benchmark - 04/05/2066

4 - US Recoverd Benchmark - 04/05/2066


Archived Marks: {can there be a distinction for archinved marks that NEVER were actual marks and those that were marks that are no longer: as with my example of a McDs; they do close sometimes, and things get destroyed--demolition for development and disasters}


McDs, Downtown Atlanta - McDs - 01/05/1852



but also further manipulation would be swell.....


-instead of having the whole string of marks in ABC order, Have that, but also the ABCs at the top/bottom of the screen, so that clicking the letter will only display those (active marks) starting with that letter.


-be able to put them in order of submition--old to new, and new to old


-arrange them ABC by CATEGORY, then MARK--thought this is the function of the 'owned waymarks' tab, it is only available in order of submition from new to old.


-add the last visited data set; and also be able to use this as a sorting function--new to old, and old to new.



just wondering if there are things in the works for this


just my 2cents.....

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since the archived marks are no longer displayed on this page (in red), can the un approved marks be displayed in that manner? the * next to them is not easy to spot.....


the user friendlyness of this page ('my waymarks') scould use some attention.... see previous post....


this would also aid in the management of marks in the 'at risk' categories. as long as the 'archive mark' box is not clicked it would appear on the page.


speaking or archiving marks, where do they go? sometimes they might be needed for refrence.....on GC.com, do your archived caches not still appear in your 'owned' stats? i would believe that on WM.com these #s should not be included in the #s [it IS NO LONGER A MARK]; unless it was valid for any time

{ie: submit a McDs. it is a valid mark for an amount of time. for whatever reason it is closed/demolished/does not exist any more. the visited stats for all those who logged it during this time would not change, however the owner's 'owned stats' would decrease by 1, but clicking on the appropriate link would still display the mark (with the 'archived red line'} this way the owner would know that at one time it was there, but it is not anymore


then, what does the 'waymark is active' check box serve the purpose of?

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Sorting purely by name makes it hard to keep things organized, which is the main reason why every Waymark I make starts with the name of the Category. That keeps them in bunches. Some Leaders/Groups don't like that method and do not allow it, which I completely support but prevents me participating in.


Hopefully this is another thing that will be 'updated' in Waymarking 2.0 (or is that 3.0?). Still, it's been fun negotiating the issues... and when Waymarking XP comes out...


:anibad: The Blue Quasar

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