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Username Lockdown


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as for the account question. Write to contact @ geocaching.com and ask that the account be disabled. They will disable the account, which removes the email notifications and reply with this note:


Per your request, I've disabled your account. You shouldn't receive any more notifications from Geocaching.com. To reactivate your account anytime, just log back into Geocaching.com and follow the account validation process.
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I think that new users whould be able to change their username for the first month that they have their geocaching account. If anyone agrees or disagrees, please post their comments below.




The reason I think that users whould be able to change their names, is that like me, many users may just want to start geocaching before thinking of a very good name. "Mdccxxvii" is what I'm stuck with, unless I start anew, which would be annoying, even though I've found only five caches.


I think it's more of a pain for them to change your username than it would be for you to create another account, log your five caches and delete them from your old account.

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