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Great Falls To Go Visit

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You might want to check out "Waterfall Lover's guide to the Pacific North West". It lists and rates many of the falls around. I can send you a copy of a GPX file that has the WA waterfalls in it.


Edit to add: Finally found my copy: A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest by Gregory A. Plumb. Published by The Mountaineers. "Where to find more than 500 spectaculat waterfalls in WA, OR, & ID"

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In Eastern Washington we thought Palouse Falls (Page 55 in Delorme & GCPAFA is now nearby) was a great falls to see. It's only 185 feet high (compared to Snoqualmie at 268).


dude...you gotta visit my cache.


absolutely beautiful spot.


but i also like comet and spray falls in mt. rainier national park, and Rainbow Falls in stehekin.

I'll add that to my list of Olympic caches I want to do. Thanks, I missed it somehow...

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One of the most spectacular falls, and the one I take visiting cachers to see, is Bridal Veil Falls. It's a short hike. I think the cache there is currently down but there are two more nearby.


I was there last weekend, on my way down from Lake Serene. I didn't even know there was a cache near the falls! I found the other ones, near the lake and the one near the gold mine, though.


But I agree. Bridal Veil falls is probably the most spectacular fall I have seen so far in WA, especially since the trail brings you to a place where the water gushes right past you. It looks like this:


(Picture from Geo Ho's log)


Rocky Brook falls on the Olympic is also very nice. Added value is that almost nobody knows about it, although you can get there within 5 minutes from your car, on an even trail.



(Picture from Lucy&Rickie's log)

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