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Geocaching Goals...

BC Tripper

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Today was my first day geocaching and I went to a place that I've never been to before, even though I've hiked close to it many times... so I guess my goal would be to find new and interesting places with the help of gps. However I also like going where nobody has ever gone before, so I like to find my own places too.

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I've thought about this question quite a bit lately. It seems some cachers are hell bent on raising their stats in some way. Some people are out for pure find counts, some collecting types of caches or trackables like geocoins. Others want as large of an icon count as possible... So what is your "geo-goal"? Or do you have one?


Mine currently is to visit all Canadian Earthcaches. I'm 2/50 so far, and hope to knock off another few very soon.



BC Tripper :laughing:


If all you want to do is raise ur numbers, then go log ones that you haven't found, probably like allot of cachers have, I've seen lots of people on here with like over 1000 finds, some allot more then that. I mean like if they really found that many thats all the person would do all the time. There have been lots of reports of people going to look for a cache, not finding it, and logging it as a find anyway cause they found the park that its hidden in. I started caching a few months ago and I've only found like 27 so far. I've gone looking for allot more then that, but I really don't care what my numbers are on here. I've read logs of the cache owner removing someones 'find' listing cause they didn't follow all the 'rules' in order to log the find. All that doesn't matter to me, I didn't get a GPS for the purpose of geocaching, I geocache cause its fun. Thats what my goal is, to have fun and find new places that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Stats matter to allot of people, not to me, I could care less what my stats are.

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I have a new goal for this summer. That is to NOT get poison ivy a second time!!!!


Ewww!!! Gross!!!

You are just having way too much fun with that picture... My new goal will be to discover and hide caches in all the poison ivy patches around C-A's house! Seems I must be immune to the stuff...



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