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Why No One Visits The Forums

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Fortunately there aren't too many horribly bad micros (LPC-like) in my area. Personnally I've only visited one LPC that was actually the first stage of a multi. Maybe the lack of number rake in caches is due to the fact that I live in a smaller town. It seems people in dense populations have a hard time finding places to hide their caches and are forced to put them anywhere they can. I don't think geocaching should be based on the numbers, although I often do get a thrill out of seeing my numbers go up. I enjoy geocaching because of the hunt. I keep my eye on the numbers only to give myself a sense of what I've done and my involvement in the world of geocaching. I try not to judge others by their easy finds, although out here the issue doesn't seem as bad as what I've heard about in other areas.

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[i think what Criminal means is that her definition of a cache find doesn't always involve finding a cache.


oops...now you said it :shocked:


As for the OP... I have run into just as much knucleheadedness,hypocrisy,and garbage on the FGA forums...there are trolls there as well, and I have made my stand. I couldn't care less what just about anyone there thinks, so I call it straight whether it ruffles feathers or not. I firmly believe that the near anonymity of this interwebby thing makes some folks change like gremlins that are fed after midnight. They become little monsters with very sharp teeth, and you are quite likely to be snacked on. Just an observation.

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