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Vermont Coin Tracking Numbers


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One of my Vermont coins has very poorly aligned tracking numbers. I haven't seen this quite so bad on any of my other coins. The last 2 numbers are partially off the area. Just a fluke, or anybody else have this problem? (I edited out the last couple numbers so I don't get virtual finds on it.)


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I haven't figured out how this happens. Most coins I've ever seen are correct and out of 500 blind acorns, not a one is misprinted. It would be interesting to see the "production" line to see where this flaw occurs.


=) The Vermont coin is a pretty coin though!


Each coin is manually aligned and then etched. Since coins are round it difficult to get the coin aligned exactly. They do sometimes make a jig (so I've been told) to help, but it looks like they don't always get it right!

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Just walked into the living room to look at the coin and the numbers are....are...they ummm...look at the way the stars are and the way the light dances off the cut waved edge...


...'scuse me, what were you saying?


(Like Jake - Team A.I.'s - a bit tilted, but fine)

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