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Victoria, Bc: Gpsmap 60csx Stolen


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Hi all...


If any of you happen to stumble across a GPSMap 60CSx in the next little while (SN74924133) that's preloaded with maps and all the caches in Southern Vancouver Island (up to Nanaimo area), I have all the packaging, wires, instructions etc for it ;)


The bastards broke into my car on the first day of my trip...ah well...the rest of the trip worked out well, but I felt silly carying around ammo cans, and trinkets, and whatnot without being able to do anything with them...


Next time....


Thank god my deductable is low...

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:laughing: The blarrst'rrrrds! If'n the Cap'n 'n' crew still sail'd them wart'rrs, we'd gits a gang t'gith'rr, 'n' 'aves us a good ole' keel 'aulin' er two! So sorry ta 'ears 'bout the smash 'n' grab--whot a rott'n turrrn bin dun to ye's--'specially consid'rrrin' all the grrreat caches ye wuz d'nied the pleasure o' doin'. Glad ye made the best o' things, an' wishes ye nuffin' but warrrm welcomes 'n' cold caches frum 'ere on hin!


:lol: the Wench, fer No Beard an' the Pi Rats

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