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Etrex Legend Cx

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when you start loading a map from mapsource it deletes the previous map, i know on my legend it takes about 16 min to load the new map, just abort the new map loading screen and there are no maps on the device. i have to load 2 different area's on mine as yellowstone national park and island park, where i play alot, are in the billings montana region whereas idaho falls, where i live, is in the salt lake region, kind of annoying that i can't snip parts out and make my own areas


hope that helps :cry:

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I wonder if the legend CX will eventually get the new feature, "USB mass storage mode", that is currently in a beta firmware release for the 60CX(CSX) units. It essentially turns your unit into a card reader/writer and you can do anything that you would normally need a USB card reader to do.

It is handy for swapping already created mapset files (and POI files) in and out of your unit in a matter of seconds if your card is too small to accomodate all the areas that you travel in. It also eliminates the wear and tear of moving that teeny, fragile card in and out so often.


Cheers, Olar

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