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Getting There Geocoin


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My geocoin is now in minting! This coin will come in Antique Silver, a Limited Edition Shiny Gold & a Limited Edition Shiny Copper. This coin will be trackable and will feature it's own unique icon!



A total of 300 Antique Silver, 125 Limited Edition Shiny Gold & 75 Shiny Copper coins are going to be produced. The cost per coin will be $7.50, for both Antique Silver and Shiny Gold & $8 for the Shiny Copper. The shipping cost is based on the actual weight and there is a $2.00 handling fee per order (not per coin).


Once invoices go out, preordering will end and the website will offer a PayPal "BUY NOW" button.


A sample coin will be posted on Tuesday, May 30th!


Total Available:

181 Antique Silver

31 LE Shiny Gold

25 LE Shiny Copper


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Just an update - I have added a twist


I am having 10 special coins minted - they 5 are trackable & 5 are blanks.


Shiny Silver, Platinum, Antique Gold, Antique Copper & Black Nickel


I will offer:

1 set to a charity geocoin collection

1 set to a random preorderer

1 set to be released as a FTF prize in a state other than mine (PA)


The remaining 2 sets have no current agenda.


I will post photos when I get them...


Still interested in a coin? Preorder closes Friday!


If you'd like to know what you've ordered before I invoice, please email me via geocaching.com

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:lol:Invoicing starts today! Photos will be posted Tuesday! :lol:


Coins are to be in everyone's hands before the end of June! :tired:


Hope you'll give some of us a few days to pay. I won't be able to mess with payments till I'm back from GW4.

Absolutely! As long as you trust that I'm really sending the coins out!


BTW - I got a photo to post of the proof!!!!!!! :tired::(:(

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A better photo will be posted ASAP....






Thank you. :laughing:


Hi Mandollyn!

Don't worry.... we NEVER pre-list any coin, if we know the maker doesn't want us to. These look GREAT! You will have our payment tomorrow! :laughing:


But they will sell them before you're finished.... :blink:

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I pre-ordered two golds via your webpage on May 9th, but haven't had an invoice at all.

Should I wait for one to arrive, or order via the webpage?




Russ - I have only invoiced the USA preorderers. Since PayPal has a 3 week policy, I didn't want to take the chance the the over-seas orders would be more than 3 weeks, especially with the US holiday this weekend....


I will invoice everyone else within the next week.

Sorry for any confusion!

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Paid :laughing:


To all who got 2 PayPal invoices, I appologize! :laughing:


To all who have paid already... Thank you! ;)


To all who have yet to be invoiced:

Inside the US, please contact me!

Outside the US, I haven't invoiced you yet.


To all who have yet to pay... :D

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Coins are in transit via UPS to my office!


I will start the shipping on Friday to everyone who has paid...


All over-seas orders will be invoiced by Tuesday & shipped within 2 days of payment...


Thanks for your patience!!! I'll post a photo of the LE sets & Finish styles by Friday as well!

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Hey no one is too late! I have 100+ silver available... Please use the link on top to access the coin page!

Just put in an order for some! How nice that the metal that I think looks the best is the one that's left :laughing: This is why I usually like to see a coin issued in at least two different metals; what one person loves, another might not, but they'll probably like the other. Sure glad this topic got bumped, as I missed it until today!

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