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My First Time Out!

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I finally broke down and bought my self a gps on friday.

I got a garmin etrex legend c and topo us to go with it... spent the whole night playing with it and in the process crashed my 'puter and now I need to replace the cd rom drive in my laptop!!

not so good of a start into geocaching.

well any way today (sat) I had the kids all day and they were going stir crazy in the house so I decided to take them out and go "treasure hunting"

the first spot my gps was pointing to was in the front yard of a private residense so I opted not to try that one untill I could get home and check the coord's

the second one was a find, and that got the kids really excited!!

the third was a duh on my part I did not realise it was a multi/puzzle and the kids and I looks like complete idiots tromping thru the area and poking our heads in all the lilac bushes, right next to a BUSY major road in town. gave it up on that one and did not count it as a dnf... hey its only the second one I ever looked for and did not know it was a multi. and Im sure we set off more than a few muggle alarms!!

third one we almost gave up on but ran into another group looking for the same one as we were and we found it together (well actually they found it).

we went home after that and ate supper and begged whined and pleaded with the wife to go along for one more before the kids had to go to bed... lo and behold she agreed to go, and enjoyed it. and we found the hide and got some excerise and spent some quality time as a family!!

The kids and I are totally hooked, the wife agreed to do it again because " well it dosnot cost any money and it gets us out side and some excersise"

so we are 3 for 4 ( though the one dosn't count in my book)



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"Doesn't cost any money?"


How much was that GPS and Topo again?


You wait till the petrol bills kick in.


Welcome to the obsession. I must agree though, it is cheap and it is quality.

SSSHHHHHHHH dont tell her what a gps unit goes for.... at least I did not drop 5 bills on the 60csx that is the next one I will buy!!


yea we all had a blast and my son came out of his room after the first set of finds with a belt around his waist... he had a binocular case on one side and the gps case on the other.

Here is the best part though in the bino case he had; a note pad and pencil; a pliers; the instruction book for the gps; some coins to leave at a cache; a whistle ;and a stamp to mark log books.... sniff sniff makes a fathers heart proud... sniff sniff


yes we are all definetly hooked!!


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I have yet to get my wife as interested as I am, but she joined me today for 3 finds. At the second one, she wandered around the park a little embarased while I looked high and low for a micro. We both enjoyed the time outside. I also take my nephews, and they love "treasure hunting".


Spread the word: I did my Toastmasters speach #2 last week on Geocaching, and I think 3 people from the chapter are trying it out! Glad your hooked.

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