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Garmin Micro Sd Card Compability.

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The MicroSD card Garmin uses is about 1/2 the size of a postage stamp. It's also called a "transflash" card. They're mostly used in small devices such as cell phones. If you buy an additional card, SanDisk brand provides an adapter to make it compatible with devices that use standard size SD cards. I'm not sure if any of the other brands provide this adaptor or not.


Garmin uses the SanDisk brand, but you do NOT get the SD card adapter with the unit!

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Any problem with the micro-SD cards will be with the Garmin firmare not recognizing whatever the newest and largest card size is. It sounds like people have used 1 GB cards successfully so you should be fine using those or anything smaller. If card manufacturers come out with something larger then you might have to wait for a Garmin update for it to work, or it might work just fine.

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Ahhh... I guess I misunderstood the question based on the other answers given. There is no size limitation - whatever size is available will work in the unit. There is a limit of 2,025 of the number of map segments. That's not a problem if you load a lot of City Select maps, but it would be a problem if you were using all Topo USA (100k) maps.


Now, there has been a number of reports from some users who have been having problems with some cards. It was never determined exactly what the problem was, but it seemed to be only with 128MB cards - but one user reported the problem with a 256MB card... CLICK HERE to read that thread.

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