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One Waymark Submited And Aproved Twice.

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The Government Building waymark was submited and aproved twice in the South Dakota Historic Markers category.


Here is the first one that was submited on 4/14/2006




Aproved by me. :anitongue:


Here is the second time the same waymark was submited buy a different person and aproved by a different person.






How do I delete the one?

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Not sure if this is the official procedure or not, but if you still have the confirmation email for the submittal on May 8, you should just be able to click on the link, and Decline the waymark. I think this will remove it.


If you don't have the email, the link to the Accept/Decline page is


http://www.Waymarking.com/my/approve.aspx?WMGUID=insert GUID of the waymark here

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i posted a Civil War memorial. it was declined for several reasons. i edited and also added a 'note to owner' about why something was....

then this morning, i got 2 emails. the first was its approval, the next was another decline for the date again. the date i was using was 1997--the date it was put on the NRHP--rather than making up some date in the past. obviously 1997 is wrong, i could not 'google' anything about it, and when others see that date they would also know it is wrong, and maybe someone will know how to figure out the correct information [the PEER part of the review process. In order to get it approved, i followed the suggestion to make it 01/01/1900.


but this leads to the question of why 4 space dates are not used...often for waymark submittal criteria you need a date--construction, opening, occurance, etc--but the month and day are suggested to be 01/01 when not known....so why not make the 4 space year acceptable?


anyway, here are copies of the emails.....


--This message was sent through http://www.Waymarking.com --


got two emails this morning, had to be from different people...


(1)From: Waymarking.com

To: merlyn0753@aol.com

Subject: Your waymark has been approved

Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 20:46:45 -0700


This is an automated message from Waymarking.com


Congratulations! Your new waymark, 'Confederate Monument, Glasgow, KY' has been

approved and can be found here: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/details...8b-03ca679be28b



The approver has written the following message to you:


"Really nice, thanks for the submission."


If you wish to view or edit your waymark listing you can click on the above URL

or use the waypoint name WMDHH.


Happy Waymarking!


The Groundspeak Team



(2)From: Waymarking.com

To: merlyn0753@aol.com

Subject: Your waymark has been declined

Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 03:56:15 -0700

This is an automated message from Waymarking.com


Uh-oh! Your waymark, 'Confederate Monument, Glasgow, KY' has been denied by the


category owner. The following reason for the denial was given:


"This monument cannot have been installed in 1997.


Please correct the date. If monument is undated, then make an educated guess.

Looks like 1900 to me."


To edit your waymark for resubmission, use the following link:




It is not uncommon for waymarks to be denied on the first submission. Waymark

category owners can be very particular and may insist that their rules be

followed exactly as written.


Happy Waymarking!


The Groundspeak Team


To respond to this message from ChapterhouseInc, use the following link:




[this message is a copy of the message you sent to showbizkid]




Forward abuse complaints to: contact@Waymarking.com

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Well, there should be some concensus on how the Group is going to operate. But I haven't instituted firm rules on my Groups yet either.


Basically, I feel the Leader should get two or three days to approve any Waymarks that are submitted.


If after two days no action has been taken, one of the Officers can then review the Waymark.


Once it is approved or declined... no other Officer should be able to approve or decline it, except the Leader.


The Leader should always have the final say, but must make a final decision within seven days of the Waymark submission.



The only thing that I think should be changed is the removing of the option to Approve/Decline a Waymark after it has been Approved/Declined... except for the Leader.


:ph34r: The Blue Quasar

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How do you decline a waymark once it has been approved, whether or not you are just an officer or the leader, if you do not have the original waymark notification email?


I dont have one I want to do this on, but I would like to know about it just in case I have need in the future.

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The only way I know of is via the Email link..


:huh: The Blue Quasar


You can use the link posted above.

Just add the GUID at the end of the URL. Then you can reject a waymark that has already been approved.

Approve / Reject Waymark link

You can find the GUID of the waymark by going to its waymark page. Then select the GUID from the URL.

Add it to the end of the above link and voila. It works.

I just tried it on one of my own.

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