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I'd go for the DNL on that one --Did Not Look


...My Dad had a Duster, back in the 70s when they were really cool. It had huge blind spots that drove him crazy and he got rid of it within a month. My mother was relieved--she is claustrophobic and said it felt like she was riding in a cave.


Still, others might be interested, so don't listen to me!

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I had a 74 duster and it was one of the best cars i've ever owned. I would look if close to me.

But i'm afraid you would have a mad "FTF frenzy" and it might get ugly.


It would be much better NOT to tell everyone about the FTF prize. There are many who routinely go after FTF's without necessarily EXPECTING a prize. These sometimes create quite a rush. Imagine the stampede knowing there is something of substantial value awaiting the FTF.

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Dispose may not have been exactly the word I was looking for; it sounds like potentially a very generous FTF offer. I would be careful, however, if there is any likelihood that the vehicle will need any expensive work done in the near future. I'd disclose the condition of the car, to the best of your knowledge, so the seeker could make an informed decision as to whether they truly want a 30 year old (?) car. And, yeah, I agree with the poster above about mentioning a FTF prize, but not that it's a car.

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