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Question For Lexington, Ky Cachers


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LFUCG = Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. Lexington merged with Fayette county several years ago, and that's honestly the best name/acronym anybody could come up with, apparently, so expect to see it on everything. I believe the Division of Parks and Recreation gives out individual permits, so that's the approval you see.


And welcome to Lexington. I've lived there a while (although temporarily relocated), but I'm new to caching, so I'm not all that familiar with the approval process. The Parks & Rec site is here, and you can find more relevant information courtesy of Geocky here.


BTW, first post!

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I noticed a lot of caches in your area say approved by LFCUG, who are they and why do they approve caches? I'm moving into the area and i need to know if there are special rules to placing caches there. Thanks.


Thanks to kentuckygirls and ElectricCo for their more timely responses than mine.


Please log on to the geocky website and say hi!


Watch also for our upcoming CITO and social events. You just missed our Cache Container Paint Day last Sunday.


The good news is that we will be participating in the Adopt A Highway program and having a CITO in June, we would love to meet you there. Watch Geocky or GC.com for the actual event specifics.


We have a very good relationship with our LFUCG P&R representative, which is fortunate for us.


Welcome to Lexington, let's go cache!

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