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The All New Groundspeak Uk Pub Quiz!

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Welcome to the Groundspeak Arms, come in, take your coat off - put your feet up! ;)


I'm going to ask a question, whoever answers correctly can post the next question and so on...


Rule 1 - No googling!


Rule 2 - Try and keep your question at the level someone in a pub quiz might be able to answer...


Question 1 - What is the heaviest organ in the human body?

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Here is my Pub Quiz style question:


Which is the smallest dog in the Pastoral Group as laid down by the UK Kennel Club?




You have to answer the previous question before you can post one :laughing:


Remember folks - it's a fun quiz!! :rolleyes:

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Not strictly true, whilst the skin is the heaviest organ, the liver is the heaviest human organ in the body. (Just looked it up).

Nope, skin is the heaviest


The question was "What is the heaviest organ in the human body?".

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