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Show Us Your Geonickel, Token, Poker Chip With Pride!


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Ok here is the deal (if I may) I always find it hard trying to search around for pics of nickels, tokens and chips. Coins are easy to find, so I would like this thread to be for posting your picture of what your nickel, token, and poker chip looks like to make this more useful please only post ONCE so that it does not get cluttered with other chat and please only post if you have a pic, I am hoping this will help with trades. So if you have a pic put it here if you have a question, request, comment put it in another thread (please). I will start here is our geonickel:


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Well I have to tell you I am a bit confused, 1st you say "pics of nickels, tokens and chips" then the next sentence you said "picture of what your sig item looks like". So what if our "signature" items consist of more than just "nickels, tokens and chips" :D ? Second I am not quite sure how this topic relates to Geocoins :D ?


Regardless I am going to post an image of all my signature items :D . Please note this image does not show my wooden nickels that I have.



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