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Some Sad News About Motogrrl


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Oh WOW! :unsure::o

So sad to hear new like this. :anicute:

Cacher or non-cacher alike.


We'll be praying for her family.


What is it with motorcycles this year!?!? :unsure:

(I'm almost afraid for all my fiends and family to get out on their bikes and ride!! :anicute: )


I know spring time has given all motorcyclist the fever to get out and ride.

But it seems that people are just not paying attention to them on the road these days.

Here in the Rome, GA area we have had 4 motorcycle fatalities in the past 6 weeks!! :o


Be careful out there folks!!

PLEASE pay extra attention for our two wheel roadway companions!! ;)


D-man B)

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Anyone have one of her new coins? From what I have heard from others she was great gal and she will be missed.

I don't have one of her coins, but saw them in person when she brought them to an event (BackBrakeBilly was also there). It was amazing how quickly she came up with the final design and had them minted. :unsure: My connection to her is that we both used the Magellan GPS Companion attached to a Handspring Visor.


She was smart, funny, and never minced words. She hosted an event last September, and was hosting one this weekend, which made the accident even more tragic. :o We're going to miss her.

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My deepest condolences go out to her family and friends. It's such a tragedy when we lose someone so young, so early in life, when they have so much still to give.


I did not know her, but I just visited her extensive gallery of photos and this photograph of her own, I think, will be appropriate here in memoriam.


Candles on the Lake


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Anyone have one of her new coins? From what I have heard from others she was great gal and she will be missed.






Wow. This is disconcerting and sad. :laughing:


Her coin is one of my absolute favorites because of the story behind it. She was in Nebraska and saw my car parked next to this cache (My Mom put it in my work parking lot as a joke). So she stuck a coin under the driver's side mirror. I was out of town when she logged it online and drove around for a week before I learned of it. When I did, I ran out to the car thinking no way it could still be there. But it was! I wrote and asked her if I could keep it or if she wanted me to move it. She said I could keep it.


Now it means even more to me, but under very unfortunate circumstances. :laughing: Her friends and family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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