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My Coin Is For Sale....

The Blind Acorn

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Hey All


Finally had a chance to get my coin up for sale. Here's the deal. It is available at http://cointracking.com/view_series.php?sid=302.


They are trackable with an icon (you can see that via my profile).


The codes are retrieved via the coinclub.


The coin was designed by Jamie of madhattersneverland and was minted by Rusty at personal coins. Everyone has been super nice and the coins turned out great. They are misty gold with LEGIBLE tracking numbers (I was most insistant on this!).


I do have the coins in hand, but I ask your patience in allowing me time to process the orders with Paypal and getting them mailed out. I do work a full time job (3rd shift) so my schedule is a bit skewed at times.


I'd post a picture of the coin here, but I've never taken the time to figure it out.






To those I've already traded with, I'm working on yours now!!!


Thanks everyone.


Please feel free to email me with questions.






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Shamelessly bumping my thread to the top of the page for the weekend crowd to see. :laughing:


Thanks to everyone who has paid for their coins so far. As for those still "seeking," if you need to email me please do. I'm not opposed to holding coins for you if you're short on funds and/or trading with you. Sorry my trading list there is in sad shape. If you're wondering if I have a certain trackable coin, click on my profile. Thanks.


Here's the link to purchase coins: http://www.cointracking.com/view_series.php?sid=302



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:cry: At the risk of looking annoying, here's an update:


130 domestic packages were put in postal service yesterday (likely went out this morning)

Just now dropped off several more domestics and 18 international packages (air - mail).


Per the postal worker who helped me today - domestics should arrive Wed, Thu or Friday and the air mail will take 7 - 10 days.


Thanks again for everyone who has ordered. I do appreciate your support and interest in my coin!!!



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:ph34r: OOPS! Looks like I screwed up with the many packages I have had to send out. If you got a larger number of coins I put them in larger envelopes and evidently didn't put enough postage on it. Please email me if you have to visit the post office to retrieve your coins. I am sorry. I've sent over 150 packages and I am human. I make mistakes. :huh:



Meanwhile, I'm going caching, so have a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY weekend.



Thanks to all the veterans who served or paid the ultimate price for our freedom!



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