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Caches In Paris

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Heart of Paris GCQTP6 although a multi and can be time comsuming is in the centre of the city and a good cache to start your search with.

You'll see there are mostly virtuals nearby with a webcam another multi and a micro.

Who is She? GC6612 gives a good view of the the tower but not close.

Silver 14 (Paris) GCK1WV closest tradtional from centre

Liberty's Flame GC63DB interesting site for another reason

If you make it to the top of Sacre Coeur Basilique you'll get good views of the city with 1 virtual and 2 traditional caches.

Enjoy your day. :(

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As my virtual "Who is She?" has been mentioned I have to say that Paris has vandals too (surprise, surprise!!) and the plate giving the information I asked for has been nicked so instead the answer wanted is what the young lady has in her hand, apart from a load of seagull sh**

Have a good trip!

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We found a micro in the Montparnasse cemetary - the one where all the artisists/poets/philosophers are entombed- I think it was called SilverII, but I'll check and get back to you. It took us about an hour because

we were looking at the famous statues and monuments, but it could be a lot quicker. We then had a coffee which cost 4.5 euros each! Although not dead central it was only a few metro stops on from the Centre de George Pompedieu.


Just checked - Silver 14 (Paris) GCK1WV

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