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Free Geocache Seed Kit

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Hi everyone:


About a year ago I had a plan to place this mega-cache that would allow people in my area of NORTH CAROLINA (Jacksonville) to put together their own caches, thus increasing the number of interesting caches in my area.


Unfortunately, that's about when I got sent to Iraq. And, now that I'm back, I am moving north - and I don't have room to carry this cache with me, and unfortunately, I don't have time to plant it.


SO - does anyone want it? It's a metal waterproof footlocker (US Military) with several ammo cans inside, with swag and notebooks and pencils and more - and it's yours for the taking. For free.


Let me know!




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If gas cost is less than shipping cost, hell I will just drive up there from atlanta GA... google earth gives me 9 hours of driving... I bet I could do it in 7 :D


Sorry for the delayed response - I was doing something harder than Geocaching...finding a house to buy!!!


The entire container probably weighs upwards of 50lbs... shipping is possible, but probably not practical. USPS would probably take it for around $40 parcel post.


I'd like to avoid that hassle. Maybe I'll leave it on I-95 somewhere.

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FatherPippy, first I gotta say "Thanx" for serving your country. As a veteran myself, (different era), I know what it means to be flown across an ocean, to a strange place, for a cause that others might not support. Your efforts, as well as the efforts of every U. S. soldier throughout history are why we can all be free to read these forums....in English. Kudos, Brother!


About your seed cache;

I wish I lived closer. I'm actually planning one of these for the Central Florida area. I couldn't afford a foot locker, so I bought an extra large ammo can and a bunch of decon kits. When I get them all filled and camo'ed Clan Riffster style,


I'll hide it. Thinking of calling mine "Proliferation". I envy your ability to do the same thing with ammo cans.

Have you posted to the North Carolina Geocachers Association? I Gare-Run-Tee some lucky cacher up there will be on this like ugly on a Scotsman. <_<




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If you leave it on 95 near Rocky Mount I have a close friend who lives there (ww8ball) who would probably pick it up for me if I bought him a beer. I could then get it during my intermittent trips home

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