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[pre-order] Saving Shiloh Personal Geocoin

Saving Shiloh

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Greetings form Indiana. I have been trying to figure out how to do a personal coin. I have had a number of conversations and the coin is now a reality. The coin will be in hand on May 17 or 18 and begin shipping the same day. GEO*Trailblazer 1 worked with me to create this design. You can get the coins HERE @ HogWildStufff's Webpage.


Here are the details:


Total Coins: 350 - There may be a second minting of an additional 150 coins which would allow the coin to have custom icon.

Tracking: At the 350 minting, it will have a generic icon, but it's one name on your stats page.

Size: 1.5 inch

Metal: Nickel

Sequential Numbering: Yes

Price: $6.75


:):)--Saving Shiloh-- :):)


(edited per OP's request)

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Way to go these turned out really nice.

And I do like that price!


I hope that I helped you and I hope the geocommunity does the same.


I thank you all for your previous support.

Help this geocoin be a success and to further the real meaning of geocaching.


That is Helping your fellow geocacher(s) reach their goals.





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When you go to the link, it says the coins will be available March, not May. I think that's a typo. :)


I would bet its a typo hogwildstuff's website has a lot of spelling errors and typo's throughout the webpage.


It's the typo's that give it charm :blink:


I went through and fixed them (all I hope). The Saving Shiloh coins will ship at the end of this week.


Adam Smiths invisible hand guided me over to the site and I bought one.



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