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Placing My First Cache.


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Someone should start a stand up comedy routine on how paranoid and obsessed a new cacher might get after placing their first cache...Much like getting a new first car off the dealership floor. I just placed my first cache and find myself thinking about the cache alot.

Is the camo holding up?

Is it being muggled?

Did it somehow become exposed so that it is not longer hidden so well....Just like a first new car.

Is it getting broken into?

Is someone keying it or spray painting it?

Did I just buy a lemon?

:) And I thought trying to FIND some of these caches was stressful.

There should be a warning somewhere.... :)

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I haven't even found a single cache yet and I'm a new member as of only last Saturday, yet I find myself thinking about the perfect places to hide cahces. I've already compiled a list!! I'm sure your cache is okay. After all, most muggles won't take the time to pick up a cache even if they do find one. Thanx for breaking the ground for me =) I'll be extra careful when I hide my first series.

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