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Premier Geocoin Race


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I heard that my coin was taken from NY to Afghanistan, that should give it a nice jump once it gets placed in a cache. :(



You're coin has jumped into the top 10 now...way to go!


List is updated again with lots of movements,including 4 in the top 10. Movements highlighted in yellow.

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We have a Premier Geocoin Racer here in Victoria, it came from NS and landed in one of our caches last night! I'm hoping to send it on another big jump this week...

:huh: It's too bad our own racer is lost on the trail somewhere, but it's still fun helping another coin rack up miles!


I hear the trade winds up there are perfect for a nice long ballon ride :(

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Well one of my coin had a nice sized jump which moves it into the top 50!



Way to go POS!!! ;)

My coin is well ummm....stuck in a geobag in PA. It was in a hardly visited cache and the owner of the cache has it now. I've released about 15 coins since this race started and they all have more miles than my racing coin does....go figure ;)

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hi ,


i have been a bit slow in discovering this discution which isnt good really as i was leading the race for a bit an also am leading the most movments. but i have just noticed that my name is wrong on the update page as it brings up someone elces profile page. who do i ask to get this changed.



Res2100 can fix that for you. He reads this forum or you can contact him through his profile.

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After some very long delays, two of our coins are back moving again. After a very long pit stop, our second place coin just went abit further (ok... 2 miles) in 2 months... don't they say slow and steady wins the race? :laughing:

and looks like ours in 12th place is in 5th place for laps.


I haven't seen any race coins nearby to help move, though I haven't been searching out coins in caches much, nor have we had alot of time for caching lately.

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Page has been updated. Looks like most of the coin movements take place over the weekend, with only a very small handfull of movements during the week, so there hasn't been much if anything to update on weekdays, so if that trend keeps up I'll probably only update the list once a week, usually on the Monday or Tuesday. I also noticed that coins that move on a weekend do not always have their mileage updated, as i have about 10 notifications still waiting for the mileage to update that are not reflected on the race page yet.

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Race page updated...


I've been updating the the race page on a bit more regular basis again (almost daily).


The first place coin, UKCC'S Scotland Geocoin, is still in the lead and has made another big jump to increase it's lead even further. It is now almost 6000 miles ahead of the 2nd place coin, and there are only 5 months left in the race.


L-M-N's racing crab geocoin is in 1st place in the movements category, but only leading by 1 movement.

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Someone dropped mine in a multi over 2 months ago and only one cacher has been there since. Sad enough, but to add insult to injury that cacher took the TB in the cache instead of my coin... and then dropped it in a cache almost 2500 miles away. :laughing: That would have popped my coin well back into the top 10.


Ah well. At least it's not muggled.

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Rumor has it my 11th place coin is about to come back from Japan and add another 7,000 or so miles.



And your coin is now in 2nd place with this huge move and only 4000 miles out of 1st place.


This past week's movements are highlighted in blue on the race page...

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Give me until Monday, if not tomorrow...I had to redo my computer...tried to load Vista and then resorted to XP instead.


Outch, I don't know if I will attempt a Vista operation, my old computersaurus might not like it. I think I might wait for my next computer. Hope everything turns out okay.

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Race page is updated and all coins are now up to date.


Some coins will need some mileage and\or placement adjustments which I will determine at the end of the race for any that might effect the outcome of the race results.


Just over 2 months away.


Althought it was fun, I don't currently plan on doing a race for the upcoming year so if someone else wants to do the next Premier Geocoin Race, please let me know.

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Althought it was fun, I don't currently plan on doing a race for the upcoming year so if someone else wants to do the next Premier Geocoin Race, please let me know.


There's a coinrace starting in Holland on the first of April. Go to www.geocoinrace.nl(in Dutch :P )


Sorry if this is offtopic but i didn't want to start a whole new thread

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I don't currently plan on doing a race for the upcoming year so if someone else wants to do the next Premier Geocoin Race, please let me know.


What kind of interest is there for a PGR II?


I would definately be interested in entering - particularly as my coin got pinched so early on in this race :blink::o


In the meantime thanks res2100 for all the hard work you put into this - it is far more than I could have done

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