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What Woman Would You Most Wanna Cache With

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It'd be Koilady who has been my boon companion and best friend for the past 31 years. No other would even pass consideration. Well, my 24 year old daughter would be welcome to keep us company, but she doesn't much care for the out of doors and finds GCing profoundly uncool.


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Well female anyway... I vote for my dog.




Just don't tell my wife (:



My dog is proof that you shouldn't put food into containers or make a cache out of used tupperware/coffee cans/chew cans/etc. She will dig them out before I even get started looking. Occasionally she finds a cache simply because the owner (or recent finder) is a smoker.

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Well, I love caching with my wife Sue, the other half of our team. I also like sharing my life with her. :(


And, when in Wyoming and Idaho, I love caching with my wild friend Greta, who is adorable and a backcountry guide to boot. I also like caching with her donkey Puddin; we take her along sometimes on cache hunts. But she sometimes stops on the trail to search the pockets of other hikers for morsels of food, so people sometimes get mad at us. . :( .


And when I'm in the Midwest or whenever she is visiting us here, I love caching with my friend Taj/Arayanna, who is an angel and is also incredible at finding caches. :lol:


And, I like caching with our friend GoGayleGo (a famed local MD cacher) but she usually picks on me and threatens to beat me up! :(:(


I have been invited to go caching with our friend Lynn, CCCA, but I have always refused because this woman thinks nothing of caching for sixteen hours nonstop -- not even stopping for a meal -- and that is just not my world (although I must admit that my wife Sue has some of those same traits!) :(B)


When I am in Los Angeles, I like caching with my adorable total hottie friend Katrinka, a Brentwood native who happens to be a gorgeous blue lynx mitted Tibetan ragdoll temple cat. (Remember:On the Eighth Day, God Created the Ragdoll Cat.)


And, in the real world, within the realm of real female cachers whom I have not yet met, I would love to cache someday with Adrenalynn. She is gutsy and extreme and I enjoy that a lot. I am hoping to get to tackle a Kentucky cave cache (Caver's Plunge Extreme) with her sometime this year; we have already discussed the possibility of doing this one together just after she tackles our Psycho caches out here in Maryland. :(


Oh, and, of course, I would love to cache with Boot Group, who is totally hot and sweet! :(


And, there is an adorable-looking spunky wild woman from the West Coast who useta post on the forums a lot, who calls herself gutsy and ballsy and curmudgeonly... but... oh, no...! I am blanking on her geo-name! It was something like Curmdgeonlygal. . . Anyway, I would love to go caching with her! She seems to be totally neat! ;)


And, I guess I would like to go caching with Auntie Weasel, but she would probably harangue me the entire time! :P


And, in the world of fiction, well...

For caches on Earth, I would really love to go caching with Lara Croft. (sigh!)

For caches on other planets in other star systems, I would love to go caching with Xev Bellringer, the half-human/half-Cluster lizard woman from the TV show Lexx. (sigh!) (moan!)

For all the caches on Venus, I would like to cache with the strange pretentious Victorian-era women who populate the planet Venus, as seen in the film The American Astronaut. :(:D

For the caches in lower California, I would love to cache with the traditional native wild women featured in the excellent classic film entitled Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, aka Pirhana Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death.




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