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My Tb Is Stuck!

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My race TB was picked up on the 8/03/2005 by toxicsox I have sent the people that picked it up more than one email to try and get them to move it along. :D No answer and no drop off of my TB

What do I do? This is my race TB and it needs to move!!

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Dunno GCcoza, but one of the entries in 2003 reads,

"Visited this cache in the hope that it would be scenic and "worthy" of placing "The Gray Cat in the Bag" travel Bug there.[T.Bug picked up from GCG6KH Arran Manchester Magic cache in Scotland]


BOY i sure was not dissapointed.

Panaramic views, forests with qaint bridges and running water. WHAT A LOVELY PLACE for a cache. I have memories of trapsing around the same bit of forest when i still lived in South Africa.


Left the Gray Cat in The Bag travel bug to continue his journey toward Hawaii. Took nothing but was tempted to remove the rather large curtain rail thing just because of space restraints.


Cache is in good order and the t.bug safe and snug. I did hide the cache a bit deeper in case non-cachers discovered it again. [You know how us weirdos can be...*smile*]


Belinda,Donny ,Ingrid and Toxicsox."


Refers to having lived in SA so ur TB might be on his way to Manchester :D

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